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    Kalam Library

    The World's Largest Free Library Movement

    Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam believed that every youth in the nation should thus have access to a library as a matter of right. He wanted to ensure that every child in the country gets access to the fountain of knowledge. The team of Kalam Centre operates the Kalam Library Project dedicated to this colossal dream of Dr. Kalam.

    With 460 free libraries operating across fifteen states in India with books in over ten different languages- the network is a shining beacon of accessible knowledge. So far it has provided reading access to over 500,000 young minds without any boundary of economic or social stratum and in many cases provided them, trainers, to help in their regular education.

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    Homi Lab

    The Nation's First Future Learning Lab

    Homi Lab is designed to produce the next generation of pioneers – who will walk on Mars and those who will cure the planet and humankind. We believe that children are all unique in their ways, it does not matter what grades they get, every child, with the right guidance, has the chance to shape the future and find their place in the books of history.

    We aim to ignite the curiosity, creativity and passion for science in learners and serve as a medium for bridging the gap between the scientific community and the common masses.

    The lab’s exclusive offerings range over educational programs for all school needs and recreational science workshops.

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    Kalam School

    e-learning Platform For Science & Values

    Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is often known by many phrases - Bharat Ratna, the Missile Man, the People's President... this list goes on and on. But Dr. Kalam always wanted to be remembered as a ‘Teacher’. In fact till his final moment, he was working & teaching the students of IIM-Shillong. The Kalam Digital School is an endeavor to carry forward this legacy of Dr. Kalam.

    It is the world’s first digital platform for no-cost digital-based learning on emerging technologies of tomorrow, values and alternative careers. It provides students a unique learning experience as they get an opportunity to learn and be a student of none other than Dr. Kalam himself. 

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